Part of STEP’s Strategic Plan is a commitment to longterm stability. We realize long-term stability encompasses much more than just our finances. We have learned that grassroots advocacy builds relationships with local and state government, valuable organizations and our community at large. These relationships contribute to the overall success of STEP so we pledge to cultivate and care for these connections faithfully.

  • FFAC (Family and Friend Advisory Committee):
    The FFAC is a group of family members and friends of people receiving STEP services interested in contributing as a stakeholder. The FFAC may be asked to advise STEP of family perspective on activities, policy, procedures, strategies and programs. The FFAC engages in philosophical discussions resulting in mutual education. The Regional Center is a frequent topic of discussion. Participation in the FFAC is an opportunity for networking, support and information sharing. The FFAC is often called upon to provide a family perspective to legislators and the general community. One of the goals of the FFAC is to develop a new family orientation and materials for families new to STEP services. The FFAC is available to answer questions for family members researching STEP as a possibility for their family member. The FFAC meets quarterly at the STEP office in Sacramento.