Strategies to Empower People provides a wide range of support services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

We believe in Person Centered Planning and that our focus for each individualized program must be based on the person’s unique needs.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to provide the best life possible every day, in every way, as we look for opportunities to support each person with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We do this through Person Centered Active Supports, engaging individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to:

  • Live in their own homes
  • Participate engage and in their own communities
  • Establish and foster health relationships
  • Make their own choices
  • Choose and direct their own individualized services

At Strategies to Empower People, “Every Moment Has Potential” is not just a slogan.

Employer, not Consumer

Strategies to Empower People’s culture of respect includes the unique title of Employer. The individuals supported by Strategies to Empower People are not labeled as “clients’ or “consumers” but rather are provided the appropriate title of Employer. Each Employer has the right to choose and approve of the people who will be hired to support them in their lives. Employers participate in the selection of their team, co-supervision of their staff and direct their staff activities. This is not a sign of respect, it is also a daily reminder that the Employer is the one driving those supports, and has the power.

We work for THEM!

Exceptionally trained and qualified staff

Strategies To Empower People takes great pride in our innovative staff training programs that are designed to ensure the services we provide reflect our standards for excellence. Comprehensive training includes courses in Person-Centered Active Supports, Pro Act Crisis Response, Extraordinary Blocking, Respect Feedback, Risk Reduction, Deaf Culture, Philosophy and many more. Specialized training and workshops are provided to Employers and their staff by world renowned experts in their fields every year. In addition, each staff receives additional training tailored to their specific Employer. This training includes but is not limited to Employer goals and objectives, individualized medical or behavioral support needs, activities of daily living and use of durable medical equipment, etc.

Culture of Communication

Flying hands and expressive faces are familiar sights at Strategies to Empower People. Deaf culture is part of the heart and soul of our agency and we offer an exciting signing environment where Deaf is a plus! We are the leading California agency providing services to deaf individuals in THEIR own native language, American Sign Language. We are also one of the largest employers of Deaf people in Northern California. This makes our team uniquely qualified and expertly equipped to meet the needs of the Deaf people we support. Any person we serve who is Deaf is paired with an instructor that is capable of providing support in their native language. Our support staff, supervisors, managers and our agency’s founder have signing skills to help provide high quality, holistic and culturally competent services.