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We assist in job development and placement in addition to micro-business development while providing ongoing support to the people we support, their employers, and the business as a whole. We consult with businesses and individuals to assess their everyday needs and place our workers in positions or contracts where they can be the most beneficial. Our workers are able to perform a variety of jobs, which can lighten the load for anyone.

You will not find a workforce that is more dependable, punctual, thorough, flexible, and positive! These businesses have graciously consented that you may contact them for a reference.

Current Business we work with

Do you have questions regarding hiring individuals with disabilities, clink the link below for answers.

  • Are there tax incentives for hiring people with disabilities? VISIT IRS   ASK JAN
  • Where can I get information about workplace accommodations? ASK JAN
  • What are my obligations as an employer under Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and where can I get technical assistance? DOL Website EEOC Website
  •  What can we do to enhance our services to customers with disabilities? ASKEARN Website
  • Are there “disability awareness” materials that can be used for trainings and workshops for employers? Disability Rights Website

“Best experience we’ve ever had with a janitorial service. They are prompt, thorough, flexible, willing and eager to keep our offices looking their best! Their positive personalities are icing on the cake—employing STEP Janitorial is a Win-Win situation.”

— Tamie Dramer, Business Contact, Sacramento Housing Alliance.

“It has been a pleasure to work with the STEP Program.  Each month projects are completed in a timely, organized and professional manner by a group of friendly, dedicated employees. On behalf of the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau, thank you for the thoughtful way that work is accomplished and the careful attention given to each detail. We are delighted to partner with STEP and will continue to utilize its services.”

 Amanda McCarthy, Partner Services Manager, Sacramento Convention Center & Visitors Bureau.

“Since 1991 the Sacramento Hostel has employed and partnered with STEP. The hard work of STEP employees allows our hostel staff to focus on the personal needs of our guest, thereby providing a superior hostel experience. In addition to these obvious benefits, the staff and I receive the daily inspirational gift of watching and working with people who overcome mighty obstacles every day of their lives, just to perform the tasks you and I take for granted.”

 Steven Haynes, Manager, Hostelling International (Sacramento Hostel)

“We are extremely pleased with the high level of quality and service we have received from Aaron and the STEP Program. Our orders are filled and delivered promptly. I especially appreciate the fact that we are able to trust STEP and Aaron with the keys to our warehouse, as we are not always available when they deliver. Their attention to detail and passion for their work is clearly apparent. I will continue to highly recommend the STEP Program.”

 Carolyn Hadin, Owner/Operator, Balloon Creations by Carolyn. 

“We sure do appreciate the fast local service. The product is always perfect and in the balloon bouquet business if the weight isn’t solid you lose the bouquet. The staff that deliver are so nice and they stack them neatly in our storage area. I would recommend them to anyone!”

 Patti Liske, Manager, Party Concierge. 

“We continue to have wonderful experience in our relationship with STEP Vocational. Our synergistic relationship makes me proud. They have provided daily janitorial services to a place that is used by hundreds of teenagers each week. In exchange we provide a community space where they can process Mailer jobs. The teens see people with disabilities living and working right here in their community and that adds to their personal growth.”

 Jim Vargus, Executive Director (and 2007 Carmichael Chamber of Commerce President), North Area Teen Center