The mobile crisis unit responds to individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities who are in crisis situations by meeting them in-person, or by phone or video.  The goal is to ensure correct holistic supports, decrease unnecessary and costly use of County services and provide transitional supports for the individual to access the care and tools necessary to be successful in life.

The most efficient service model for people in crisis is prompt, home-based (unless the home is abusive) combined with trauma informed care.  It requires a thorough assessment of the person’s biopsychosocial needs, followed by proper treatment. The individual in crisis is unlikely to recover unless all health problems are fully diagnosed and treated.

The primary focus of the mobile crisis unit is to support individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities who may have serious, persistent mental illness and/or chemical misuse as well who might also be Deaf, Deaf/blind, or blind.  These individuals are in a current/persistent crisis and may be subject to:

  • Homelessness
  • Abusive living situations
  • Chemical dependency
  • Mental health disorders
  • Law enforcement involvement
  • Frequent contact with first responders
  • Prolonged institutionalization
  • Incarceration

Our Mobile Crisis Services are available through the Sacramento Central Valley, and Placer County.

Housing Access Services are available through the Sacramento Central Valley, and Placer County Housing Access Services plans are initiated once they identify or are aware of a crisis situation that may cause a loss of housing.

The individual must be receiving or be in the process to receive services from one of California’s 21 regional centers. Strategies to Empower People are vendorized through the Alta California Regional center and North Bay Regional Center.

Mobile Crisis Services referral must come through your Service Coordinator through the Regional Center; as Mobile Crisis Service referrals must go through a committee to be forwarded over to Strategies to Empower People for possible services. If you have any questions or concerns you can reach out via email to