What is IHSS?

The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) and California Regional Centers require Strategies To Empower People (S.T.E.P.) to utilize “Community Resources” to supplement funding for Strategies to Empower People Services.

One of those resources is a county, state and federally funded program called In Home Support Services (IHSS). Were it not for IHSS “Community Resources” there would not be Supported Living.

The IHSS Program provides individuals that are blind, disabled or over the age of 65 with personal assistance and support in their homes in order for them to live safely, productive and as independent as possible.

Services provided range from assistance with household domestic chores to personal care such as dressing, bathing and paramedical. The program is often seen as an alternative to assisted living or nursing facilities.

If an individual meets the financial and medical eligibility criteria, a county social worker will conduct a “needs assessment” in home interview to determine the type of assistance that individual requires and the number of hours that will be paid for by IHSS.

IHSS Recipients may qualify for up to 283 hours of service per month.  The service hours then assigned to the Providers (employee) based on the amount of hours work with the Recipient. These assigned hours paid to the Provider by IHSS at that counties current IHSS rate.

What are my responsibilities as an employee?

lf a person supported by Strategies to Empower People has IHSS hours the employee will be assigned monthly IHSS hours based on the scheduled hours they work with that person.

Employees contacted by Strategies to Empower People Community Resources Department and given instructions on how to become an IHSS provider.

Once IHSS enrollment process is completed, the employee will begin receiving IHSS hours.

Employees will receive a separate electronic timesheet and separate paycheck from IHSS for all or part of the hours worked per pay period.

If an employee changes their address, they are responsible to notify Strategies to Empower People and IHSS.

It is the employees’ responsibility to complete all IHSS forms and electronic timesheets.

Paid Sick Leave Program information can be found in the Department of Social Services website along with other resources provided for an IHSS provider.


Direct Support Professionals (DSP) required to submit IHSS hours through the electronic timesheet portal at the end of each IHSS pay period (1-15th and 16th-end of month). The IHSS e-timesheet verified and electronically signed by the Community Resource Department.

IHSS will then process your IHSS hours.  Online Direct Deposit Enrollment Services is available on the IHSS Electronic Services Portal website.


If an employee has a problem with their IHSS pay, they must contact local IHSS County payroll department.

The Electronic Timesheet System allows a provider to submit their IHSS/WPCS timesheets online using a tablet, smartphone, laptop or computer instead of receiving and submitting paper timesheets when their recipient(s) opt in to approve timesheets online. This service also allows a provider’s timesheets to be reviewed and approved by their recipient(s) using their tablet, smartphone, laptop or computer. 

For more information on Electronic Services Portal (ESP) and how to enroll, visit the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) Electronic Timesheet System (ETS) Website at: