Frequently asked questions:

Can my child receive services without me being supported by S.T.E.P.?

We provide services to individuals over the age of 18. If those individuals have children, we then provide “parenting” support to the family as a whole.

Can a person receive Parenting services and ILS services at the same time?

Yes. Parenting services is an addition to the ILS services that focuses on parenting skills and resources.

Does STEP offer in-house parenting classes that would end with a certificate of completion?

We offer a support group for parents to get together with other parents that is community based once a month. We do not offer any type of certificate for completing or being involved in the group.

Can an individual receive services if their significant other is not receiving services from the regional center?

Yes. As long as one parent is currently supported by Alta regional Center, services can be obtained.

What specific support would my staff provide relating to my role as a parent?

Your staff could assist with the following areas:

  • Assisting in areas related to your child’s education
  • Locating and attending medical appointments for your child
  • Teaching age appropriate and positive discipline techniques for you to use when disciplining your child
  • Additional areas as needed.

What is your Philosophy regarding child and Instructor interaction?

Our staff is there to provide support but not to take over the role as the parent. Rather, they are the role model for the parent. We do not babysit, discipline or act as a “stand in” for the parent at meeting or appointments. ILS staff also supports the people we support who are currently in the family court system or have an open case with Child Protective Services.