Housing Specialist –

Working in tandem with our Comprehensive Support Program, the Housing Access Specialist will provide outreach, assessment and direct support to the people served by our agency by assisting them in finding affordable, accessible, and appropriate housing.

Crisis Support Professional-

This position provides support to a caseload of individuals with independent living skills, coping skills, and accessing and using appropriate resources for self-success within and outside of the agency. In addition, this position would support more extensive and involved needs of the individuals to include: assistance with housing, gainful employment, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, mental health crises, and other challenges.

Independent Living/Employment Services-

This position supports a caseload of individuals who receive Independent Living supports (ILS), employment supports, and Tailored Day Services supports. This position provides extensive supports including assistance with housing, finding gainful employment, job skill training, sustained employment, and other related needs.

  • Pay rate ranges from $21.00-$30.00 per hour, depending on experience.
  • Mileage reimbursement included at $0.685 per mile.
  • AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE SKILLS WELCOME— we support and employ a large deaf and hard-of-hearing population!