Hi, my name is Lindsey. I am an employer at Strategies to Empower People. I joined the program in July of 2009 after my company that previously supported me closed. I was grateful to Strategies to Empower People for taking me in. At the time, I was taking classes at Yuba College. I wanted to become a preschool teacher. I student taught for a while, during going to college myself.  Strategies To Empower People supported me while doing this by providing care. I enjoyed going to school and I eventually graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. I received this in the winter of 2020 but because of the pandemic I walked the stage in the spring of 2022. I soon decided to search for jobs in the field that I got my degree in. However, this proved to be challenging. I got interviews but after they would see me, they would go with another person. I will admit I got discouraged. One day, I was looking on an Independent Living Center website at their job board. They were hiring! I got really excited and I applied. They interviewed me and I got the job! Now I work as a Receptionist/Information and Assistance Professional. It is not what I went to school for but I am helping my community and that means everything to me. They have been supporting me for 13 years and I am so happy that with their encouragement I have been able to fulfill my goals and reach my dreams.

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