Amy Neeley has came a long way in Supportive Living. Amy used to have a lot of medications and her medications were kept in safe box at STEP with her health issues. In the past 5 years, Amy gradually reduced her medications with assistance from her DSP4 staff. She also gained confidence and decided to keep her medications at home. Not at STEP office.

6 months ago, Amy reduced her SLS hours and has alone time from 7pm to 10pm. She no longer feels she needs full staffing from 7am to 10pm.

At home, she really enjoy Person Centered Activities Support and brags to the team with her new cooking meals with croak pot and her favorite Fryer. She has photos of her successful life.

Last week, Amy was engaged with Miles- DSLS Director with creating new video for Deaf Culture. She took pride in engaging with using her personal device with ordering food while Miles created the short clip.

And more important she has full support from her mother Joyce. Joyce is also a stronger believer of our Mission and support our employers with some of her properties.

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