S.T.E.P. Vocational Business Services

“Best experience we’ve ever had with a janitorial service. They are prompt, thorough, flexible, willing and eager to keep our offices looking their best! Their positive personalities are icing on the cake—employing STEP Janitorial is a Win-Win situation.”
— Tamie Dramer, Business Contact, Sacramento Housing Alliance

We’re ready to go to work for you

We assist in job development and placement in addition to micro-business development while providing ongoing support to the people we support, their employers, and the business as a whole. We consult with businesses and individuals to assess their everyday needs and place our workers in positions or contracts where they can be the most beneficial. Our workers are able to perform a variety of jobs, which can lighten the load for anyone.

You will not find a workforce that is more dependable, punctual, thorough, flexible, and positive! These businesses have graciously consented that you may contact them for a reference.

What are STEP Vocational Services and Supports?

Day Programs that provide Vocational and Therapeutic Support to Deaf, Deaf-Blind, and Hearing Adults with Developmental Disabilities that are supported by California Regional Center services.

What is a Developmental Disability?

Developmental Disability is defined as one of the following diagnoses; Mental Retardation, Cerebral
Palsy, Epilepsy, Autism, 5th category diagnosis.

STEP Vocational, Next STEP, Extra STEP

STEP, Inc. is Strategies To Empower People, an agency that provides Supported Living, Independent Living, Vocational and Interpreting Services to adults with developmental disabilities. At STEP Vocational Services and Supports, our mission is to provide the support that fosters personal growth in the areas of employment/work, community inclusion and integration (volunteerism, socialization, recreation).

We have 3 Unique Community Access Programs:

Next Step Vocational
focuses on Employment and Job Skills Training. Teams consist of one Vocational Coach and three of the people we support.

Extra Step – Behaviorally Challenged focuses on Communication Skills in Community Integrated settings. Teams consist of one Vocational Coach and one or two of the people we support. Individualized Service Plan goals focus on personal choice and communication. Activity schedules may include work and therapy.

Extra Step – Medically Fragile focuses on supporting a person to gain/maintain health while remaining active in the community. Teams consist of one Vocational Coach and one or two of the people we support. Individualized Service Plans focus on meeting medical/therapeutic recommendations while still allowing for personal choices of socialization, recreation and work.