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"While they were saying among themselves it cannot be done, it was done."
-- Helen Keller


Foundations of our Philosophy

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At our Carmichael office, S.T.E.P. operated the North Of The Line Café. "North of the Line" refers to focusing on things that are important rather than things that are simply urgent. All four of the café's walls were covered by a mural, painted by muralist Valerie Krist, that illustrates pieces of our philosophical beliefs and quotes we live by.

Use this scroll bar to follow the entire mural, all the way around our old café!

North of the Line Café mural 1: big tree with lots of roots

Think about Redwood trees; they are a symbol of success in the natural world. They are strong, withstanding years of wind, rain and fire. We want to be able to withstand the stresses in life. It is our roots that enable us to be strong in the hard moments. If we focus mainly on what others see, the branches and the leaves, then we are like trees with shallow roots. By focusing on how to look successful on the outside with little attention to what is happening on the inside, we will not we able to weather the storm. If we have strong, deep roots we can withstand the pressures of life and continue to grow and progress. STEP's logo combines this idea of roots with the concept of bridge-building. Our roots are our character, we develop from the inside out. This part of the mural reminds us to give our first energies to character development, usually invisible to others, like the roots of a tree. As we cultivate the roots, we begin to see fruits. If you look closely at the tree, you will see at least six faces- can you find them all?