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Parenting Program

The Parenting Program was developed to meet the needs of parents with disabilities. It specialized in serving parents who are developmentally disabled, hearing impaired, or physically challenged.

Parenting ProgramOur purpose is to provide parenting supports that keep the family as a whole. There is a monthly Parenting Support Group and on going parenting instruction in the home. In providing supports we ensure that services are based on the family as a unit and are able to tailor those supports to meet the needs of each family to ensure stability and success for everyone. Our supports range, based on need, from prenatal, to assistance with CPS cases, court issues, education, medical, nutrition, and implementing positive discipline. Our instructors also assist families in locating appropriate and necessary community resources.

The Parenting Support Group consists of parent specific topics each month. These topics are chosen by the parents and based on what they wish and need to learn or discuss. These meetings are completely community based. We access activities or resources in the community such as, Safetyville, the libraries, and Birth and Beyond.

The Parenting group also participates in the Toy and Food Drive every year.

The Parenting Program believes that we are there to support the family and that the parents have the right to options and choices on how they want to be a family. Our instructors are there to support and teach, they are not there to take over parenting the children themselves. The parents themselves choose what morals and values they wish to teach their children.

Individuals requesting parenting services must:

  • Be Regional Center qualified
  • Express a desire for services
  • Have children or currently be pregnant