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Interpreting Services

Our mission is to provide equal access and opportunity to the Deaf and hard of hearing population. To achieve this mission every effort is given to provide an interpreter that is familiar with the individual's needs, and also meets their personal preferences. All of our interpreters have a strong background base of serving persons with developmental disabilities, and conveying the message in a manner that is accurate and easily understood.

Services are provided for medical, dental and psychiatric appointments and procedures. Interpreting services are also available for meetings, trainings, conferences, and job interviews.

The Alta California Regional Center can provide a purchase of service for interpreting needs, or you can contact to discuss private pay details. Sarah can be reached by email by clicking on her name, or by phone at (916) 679-1555 ext. 112.

An interpreter request may be submitted in person or by phone. Once a request for interpreting services has been received, please allow 2 business days for a response. Once an interpreter has been secured, an email will be sent to the person that submitted the request. If for any reason an interpreter is unable to fulfill a request, an email will be sent to the person that submitted the request explaining why an interpreter is unavailable.

Interested in learning Sign Language or becoming an Interpreter? You can start by learning the ASL alphabet with this fun page. American Sign Language classes and an Interpreter Training Program are available through American River College.

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