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Staff Orientation

Because we believe that successful employment requires successful training, we begin your employment in our company with a Post-Offer Introduction, as well as a 4-day Orientation, both of which you must successfully complete. In these trainings, you will receive much information and training that will help you to be successful and effective in your new job.

S.T.E.P. Introductory Orientation

In this 1-day training, you will receive information and training in areas such as our Vision, Values, and Mission Statement. You will also learn about consumer’s rights, Mandated Reporting requirements, the Supported Living Principles, and the manner in which you will be expected to provide services, support, and assistance to our consumers. You will also review some common forms that employees use here, and what benefits you may receive while employed here.  You may not begin working until you have completed this portion of orientation.

STEP New Employee Orientation

Within a short time of your employment date, you will participate in an intense 4-day Orientation period. You MUST successfully complete this training in order to remain employed by our company. Upon successful completion of Orientation, you will have completed the required trainings that all employees of STEP must complete within 90 days of hire. Throughout your employment here, you will be required to maintain your trainings.

Day 1: This first day you will receive a great deal of information such as in-depth training about STEP’s philosophy and our Professional Intent Statement. After lunch, the required CPR/First Aid training class. In this class, you will learn the principles of CPR and first aid through discussion and hands-on activities. You must demonstrate successfully that you are able to perform both CPR and first aid to pass this class. You may not work alone until you have successfully completed this course and provide the necessary documentation.

Day 2: The second day will begin with Medication and Universal Precautions introduction class covering medications, Universal Precautions, and information about various diagnoses and syndromes. You will participate in hands-on activities to demonstrate your proficiency in the areas of Medication administration and Universal Precautions. You will also learn about IHSS and generic resources, Special Incident Reporting and Adult Protective Services along with more on the rights of the consumer. This is followed by a section on IIPP/Safety, and unlawful harassment prevention.

Day 3: This day is all about communication and Respect. You will learn about our R.E.S.P.E.C.T. philosophy and practice. You will be given the benefit of  some very stimulating and interactive exercises to help you apply the principles you've learned. You will leave this training feeling more informed and confident about interactions that may occur in your work.

Day 4: Med Track. This is for those who will be supporting people with significant medical issues, and will focus on those types of issues.

You will also receive individualized training with your employer in which you will learn about their preferences, needs, wants, etc.

Training at STEP is an ongoing process. All employees are obligated to maintain the required trainings in a timely manner for the benefit of our consumers as well as themselves. Other beneficial and valuable trainings are offered periodically and employees are encouraged to participate in them.