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Job Coach

This position may also be called Vocational Support Staff. In this position, the consumer is in need of supervision and/or assistance with assigned contract work. The position of Job Coach is responsible for developing and following a consistent training schedule for the consumer and assists in job development of work and community exposure opportunities.  The work schedule for this position is Monday through Friday, part-time and full-time.


Must successfully pass background check and pre-employment drug screening test, high-school or GED required, six months experience with Developmental Disabilities or related field required, ability to read and write English in order to perform essential duties, intermediate/fluent sign language/ASL skills, must possess valid California Driver’s License and current auto insurance, possess safe working vehicle, basic math skills, possess ability to lift up to 50 pounds, ability to sit or stand for long periods of time, ability to push, pull mobility devices, ability to kneel, crouch, squat, crawl, twist upper body, and run, and ability to provide intervention during crisis situations.       

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