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Deaf Culture

S.T.E.P. has a vibrant culture that we take pride in and celebrate. Culture in this sense refers to several elements within STEP.

STEP's Environmental Culture

Long-term employees of STEP often describe their workplace as an extended family. Relationships are strong and our interest in employees goes beyond work performance; we care about the health and development of the whole person.

S.T.E.P.'s Culture of Communication

Flying hands and expressive faces are commonplace at S.T.E.P. We offer an exciting signing environment where being Deaf is a plus! We serve many Deaf and Deaf/Blind consumers who require fluent signers and individuals who are part of the Deaf culture. The Program Support staff in our office, and their supervisors all have signing skills and we have our own on-staff Interpreter.

We are one of the largest employers of the Deaf in Northern California.