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The HeartRight Foundation

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The HeartRight Foundation was created in 1992 in honor of a man named Joe, to provide valuable growth opportunities to people with developmental disabilities that they might not otherwise have.  Over the years, the HeartRight Foundation has provided social, therapeutic and educational opportunities. There is an emphasis on helping people to make community connections, resulting in lasting membership and value in the relationship. The current focus of the HeartRight Foundation is to assist individuals affected by California’s economic crisis and resulting budget cuts that have affected them. 

The HeartRight Foundation is actively seeking donations to continue providing support and opportunities to people with developmental disabilities.  Your help is very much needed. Please contact Stacy Sisson, via email by clicking on her name, or by phone at 916-679-1555, or simply use the Donate button below to make your donation. We rely exclusively on donations from our community to support our activities. The HeartRight Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and your HeartRight donations are tax deductible. They are also greatly appreciated!

We have a fund for adults with developmental disabilities. Among other things, this fund has been used for household needs, moving expenses, medical needs, travel, recreation, hobby enrichment, growth opportunities and basic personal needs. When the State of California determined that dental care was optional and could be cut, the HeartRight Foundation assisted several individuals to obtain needed inpatient dental care. When two individuals lost most of their belongings in a fire, the HeartRight Foundation assisted them to furnish their new apartment. We have also assisted individuals to get needed equipment that Medi-Cal won’t provide.


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