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Vocational Success Stories,
Laura, Amy and Alex

Laura, cleaning one of the most important rooms at STEP..Laura, Amy and Alex are unique individuals, but also have many things in common. They have been a dynamic team of janitors that have provided services to big and small businesses for many years. Alex, Laura, & Amy are Deaf and communicate in sign language. The crew is led by their Vocational Support Staff, Ruku Madihalli.

Words that employers often used to describe this group are:

  • punctual
  • focused
  • positive
  • flexible
  • joyful
  • cooperative
  • detail orientated
  • thorough
  • professional

One of their jobsites is the STEP office itself, which is 11,000 square feet and includes 22 offices, 24 cubicles, 3 large class/conference rooms, and public restrooms. The daily traffic for this office complex is easily 300-400 people, but this crew has kept us looking good for many years.

Until 2005 Laura lived at home with her family; sadly within the two years prior Laura lost all the members of her immediate family. Laura came to STEP in a whirlwind of life turmoil, but she has weathered all the traumatic and dramatic changes with the most positive attitude. Laura lives in a home held in trust for her, with a roommate. She goes to work every day without fail, and employers and co-workers always remark on her infectious positive personality.

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